Tiffany Glas Studio
Dipl. Ing. Robert Rodecki

ul. Cedrowa 26
70-776 Szczecin (Poland)

Mobil (+48) 501 58 96 99


Opinie o Pracownia Witraży - Rodmark

dyplomy i certyfikaty
o nas/strona główna
galeria prac


Welcome to our website. Let you inspire by the variety of glass design and enjoy the interplay of light, colour, form and shadow.

Our company has established itself on the European market since 1989.

Most of handiwork is produced via an individual order. We are always receptive to new ideas and challenges, which we try to put to practice by the different techniques of glass handling.

The here presented work is only a small selection of the unique objects, that have left our studio in over 20 years. We hope you enjoy the work we do and we would be delighted to put your idea into practice as well.

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