Tiffany Glas Studio
Dipl. Ing. Robert Rodecki

ul. Cedrowa 26
70-776 Szczecin (Poland)

Mobil (+48) 501 58 96 99


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dyplomy i certyfikaty
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About us

For more than 20 years we have been working with glass. Our works of art decorate many restaurants, practices, hotels and not least private homes all over the world.

We always pay attention to the special wishes of our customers. Therefore every handiwork that leaves our workshop is unique. We have always undertaken further training and today we know almost everey technique of glass processing. This includes especially the Tiffany-technique, sticked mosaic pictures and of course the classical lead technique. Using a kiln allowes us to create beautiful effects with light and shadow.

We process only high-grade raw material that comes from American and German glassworks.

On one hand we enjoy putting your idea into practice by creating something new, but on the other hand we also restore historical windows and doors. Our architectural education and master in stained glass are of a certain importance.

If you have special requests, we will always try to realize them. In our gallery you will see many different handiworks made of glass and we would be delighted to supply you with further information.

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