Tiffany Glas Studio
Dipl. Ing. Robert Rodecki

ul. Cedrowa 26
70-776 Szczecin (Poland)

Mobil (+48) 501 58 96 99


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dyplomy i certyfikaty
o nas/strona główna
galeria prac


We offer an extensive line of products around glass:

  • Renovation, restoration and reconstruction of old stained and leaded glass

  • Design and making up of window pictures, mirrors and door insets made of Tiffany- and lead-technique

  • Fusing and glass painting

  • Lamps – own designs and Tiffany reproductions

  • Special requests: partitions, illuminated ceilings etc.

  • Small decorations made of glass: sun-catcher, vases, candle-holders, garden objects etc.

Most of the handiwork is designed by ourself. Of course we will also make it from your pattern. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate or support on your project.

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